• Domestic violence advocates help victim/survivors navigate the criminal justice system, keeps other DVHRT partners informed about quickly changing circumstances and work to provide victim/survivors with strategies for increased safety.
  • Utilizing Dr. Campbell’s Danger Assessment tool, advocates work with victim/survivors to gather information that provides a complete history of intimate partner violence, beyond the current incident.
  • If a case is deemed “high risk”, advocates will only refer the case to the DVHRT for consideration with the express written consent of the victim.

A DVHRT is led or co-led by the domestic violence agency, but team decisions regarding the acceptance or closing of cases are made by a majority of the participating partner agencies. No single agency can accept or close a case on behalf of the team.  The domestic violence advocates have the primary mission of serving the victim's interests and can best reflect the victim's voice on the team.  As such, when the domestic violence agency is the lead or co-lead of the team, the well-being of the victim is always at the center of the team's work.