December 10, 2020

IPV Risk Assessment: Which Tool is Right for Your Community?

IPV Risk Assessment: Which Tool is Right for Your Community?

The use of risk assessment is often a key strategy for communities seeking to reduce intimate partner recidivism and homicides. This webinar will examine some of the common risk assessment tools in the field, their intended function, and keys to successful implementation. Attendees will learn about considerations for determining which risk assessment(s) are a good fit for their community and think critically about how risk assessment can be used as part of an effective approach to enhance victim safety and offender accountability.

As a result of this webinar, attendees will:

1. Understand why, how, and where to use risk assessment

2. Understand the different types of risk assessment tools and their various functions

3. Understand how a community can select a risk assessment tool that aligns with their goals

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